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BLOG:Improving the Employee Experience at Newmont Mining

Improving the Employee Experience at Newmont Mining

Newmont Mining has been in business for 90 years and is one of the world’s leading responsible mining companies and the largest gold miner in business today. After being in business for nearly a century, there is little doubt the company has been able to evolve with the times and remain relevant. As they approach another evolution, they asked me to lead an Innovation Jam session entitled “Ideation for Success - A Design Thinking Workshop.”

Sponsored by David Kristoff, VP of Talent Rewards for Newmont Mining, the session pulled together more than 17 mid and senior level executives. I led the group through several exercises focused on solving challenges associated with Newmont Mining’s internal initiative entitled “Integrating Talent & Rewards”, an initiative tasked with returning significant benefit to the business by ensuring Newmont Mining continues to be a great place to work and provides an unrivaled employee experience.

“After we saw the results of the latest Gallup survey, we had a vested interest in tracking, managing, and controlling employee engagement as a critical lever for the performance of the businesses.”

After spending time familiarizing myself with their business and speaking with additional stakeholders (some in the workshop and some not), I walked the entire group through the process of how Designers at Universal Mind take a big concept and work through a proven, research-based approach, delivering actionable results. We conducted several exercises to help break down their large problem and at the conclusion of their 2.5-hour workshop, the group left with 8 concrete concepts ready for immediate action and implementation.

“This provided a great overview of the framework and your approach to these types of problems. We had a great time, accomplished a great deal in such a short period of time and now can go back and take concrete actions focused on driving value.”

As myself and the team from Universal Mind wrapped up this session, many of the group expressed gratitude for the guidance and time we had spent together. They walked away with a much deeper understanding of how to apply Design Thinking to internal challenges, initiatives, and projects.

As we continue to engage in conversations and meetings with Newmont Mining we are identifying other areas where they can achieve quick wins focused on evolving their organizational culture to become a more responsive environment optimized to provide the best employee experience possible.

“Leading, the influencing of others, must not be thought of as a single event. Leadership and management, because they involve the complexities of people, almost defy description and understanding.” - Paul Hersey & Ken Blanchard, Management of Organizational Behavior

While this was just the beginning, the ‘opportunity to work across silos and the tools provided to facilitate the conversation’ continue to challenge Newmont Mining’s thinking and make the teams more effective at working together toward a unified vision. While the time together was short and part of our Innovation Jam offering designed to focus conversations on real challenges, I look forward to working with the team moving forward and continuing to see where they apply the concepts.