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BLOG:Pete Kinser's Article in UX Magazine on Finding Success in a CX Role

Pete Kinser's Article in UX Magazine on Finding Success in a CX Role

I’m seeing dramatic growth in companies who are committing to dedicated customer experience roles - specifically in leadership. There’s a parallel shift towards design leadership and in general executives who embrace “experience” as a core value. These new leaders are often walking into traditional and often outdated organizational structures which were not built to proactively consider the demands of today’s customers. Because CX is such a new space it’s often ill-defined, even for organizations who are dedicating budgets to CX teams.

There’s a mix of who’s filling these roles. Many times it’s the former leader within a marketing, sales, or operations organization. The hope of shifting a senior leader into this type of role is they generally have a sense of how to lead and specifically how to lead a transition. I’m also seeing - with great success I might add - these roles filled by those with a background in design and design strategy. The great thing about these hires is that they are naturally oriented to human experience and have the desire to look at contexts holistically - which is exactly how designing for experience is best achieved.

Ultimately, regardless of who fills the role, the challenge is demonstrating how a focus on the customer influences how we do what we do. And “how we do what we do” is just another way of talking about our culture - our DNA. These leaders are a key component to ensuring this new way of seeing is infused in the culture. They’ll be guiding their organizations to achieve an ‘experience first’ mindset which means they need to understand their context, build connections, and to continually communicate their intention.

To dig a bit deeper on this topic and for a roadmap on how to navigate this new CX role, take a look at my recent article, Succeeding as a New Leader in Customer Experience, published in UX Magazine.