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BLOG:CX Journey Maps: The Holistic Atlas

CX Journey Maps: The Holistic Atlas

Creating an Atlas Ecosystem that captures all your Journey Maps

So, let’s say you’ve done a number of customer journey maps at this point. Each one documents something you wanted to know about a customer segment and you are taking it to heart, using it effectively in the workplace by sharing the results and having employees rally around them. Then, in the midst of a hallway conversation, some questions arise: “What do we do with all these maps? And how many do we have left?”

Good questions.

The maps aren’t really made to stand alone. They work best as part of a larger, holistic ecosystem whose aim should be to capture the experiences your customers and potential customers run into as they engage with the elements within and surrounding your company. When all these maps are put together, we call this an atlas.

Just as a road atlas contains many maps showing how a person can journey from one location to another, the CX Journey Atlas contains customer journey maps that reflect the total experiences across your company. And, just like a road atlas, things change. Roads are built, cities expand, bridges are created, and forests are grown or cleared; for customers, new channels are built, companies expand, devices are created, and offerings are grown or cleared.

What an atlas really gives you is vision, the ability to see the totality of all the maps involved in the ecosystem. Some may be known well, some, completely unknown and untraveled. But at least you have an idea of how many there are and how they potentially tie together (like seeing what states sit beside each other).

Take the time to create an atlas of your entire CX ecosystem. Make plans to create maps for every segment and see how they all tie together. In the short run, the atlas will give you a vision for everyone to rally around; in the long run, the atlas will give you a reality for everyone to execute against.

(Image via Mjaki)