Advancing the Human Experience


Advancing the Human Experience: It’s not just about going digital…

In an all-things-digital world, it’s natural to put an emphasis on elements like devices and software when creating a digital experience. But that’s not going to cut it anymore. People aren’t satisfied with just a solution, and it’s no longer about the device — it’s all about the experience and the device being simply an extension of that experience. The digital piece is available, but the experience is what makes the difference.

People don’t engage in those experiences without bringing their lives with them — their own context, histories, perceptions, emotions, and expectations. So what does that mean now? When it comes to digital transformation, organizations need to be evermore aware of how they’re designing their experiences.

Digital transformation can mean a number of things: a backend systems “thing”, C-suite initiatives to drive how digital affects your company, a paper to digital initiative, customer push, employee push, etc. You can’t approach digital transformation as a technology challenge – it’s not just a digital initiative, it touches everything. There are people behind the transformation, both internally (your own employees) and externally (your users).

In this video, Universal Mind’s EVP of Experience Strategy will talk about Customer Experience (CX), Internal Experience (IX) and how they work together to create your Organizational Experience (OX). Your organizational Experience will determine your identity.

What processes do you use to learn these things about the people you’re creating experiences for? What do businesses have to consider when creating a transformative experience? Digital transformation is a critical business advantage that connects you with customers and people in a way that wasn’t possible in the past.



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