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Celebrating Information Architecture

Since we are already involved with World IA day in Dallas this Saturday, we thought, “Hey let’s take over Denver too!” World Information Architecture Day (World IA Day) is taking place on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 in Denver, CO and Universal Mind will be there.

World Information Architecture Day is an annual celebration of the practice, growth, and evolution of Information Architecture. What started in 2012, World IA Day is now in 58 locations, 24 countries, and 5 continents. 2017 will mark the second annual Denver celebration of World IA Day. This event is free to attend and will be held in downtown Denver.

Information is about more than just delivering essential content to customers. The way in which information is presented, utilizing strategy and structure, plays an important role to end-users with regard to how they feel about the experience of receiving said information. World Information Architecture Day is a one-day celebration that brings value to community and awareness to the practice of information architecture.

This year’s theme is ‘Information Strategy & Structure,’ exploring how crucial it is that organizations rethink how they architect and manage information in order to maintain a competitive and organizational edge. Thought leaders at Universal Mind have contributed to this idea of information management across all platforms, and work to help clients understand the importance of becoming an experience-minded organization. Practicing an Experience Mindset means understanding organizational design from a human perspective; a critical step in connecting people with digital information in their everyday lives.

Marc Mueller, UX Architect at Universal Mind, will help kick off World IA Day during breakfast, beginning at 9AM. He will also be speaking later in the day, presenting “A Service Design Approach to Choreographing Processes and Information.” Marc will discuss how our most companies are recognizing the importance of providing pleasant, helpful, and seamless experiences to their customers. Many initiatives focus on the customers’ point of view in an attempt to optimize the user journey. This talk gives an introduction to tools from service design that help align the internal processes and information exchanges to properly support a seamless user experience.

John McRee, Senior UX Architect at Universal Mind, will also deliver a talk entitled, “Goodbye Personas. Hello User Roles,” exploring the concept of customer personas. These days, personas seem to have become co-opted and diluted. As designers and information architects, the question becomes, “Do we really NEED Personas anymore?” This session covers the fundamental questions that must be answered to create efficient and powerful User Roles and also discuss how these might be combined with Personas to create a truly comprehensive understanding of customer goals and needs.

If you’re already attending World IA Day, make sure to catch our presenters! If you haven’t registered for the event yet, you can do so here.

We hope to see you there!