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BLOG:Andrew Sevin’s article in Dallas Innovates: When a City Chooses You Back

Andrew Sevin’s article in Dallas Innovates: When a City Chooses You Back

Andrew Sevin, a four-plus decade native New Yorker turned Connecticuter (yes, Connecticuter …) recently uprooted his family and headed across the country. The destination? Dallas. Was this a moment of insanity or a carefully thought out and strategically executed plan? Not only had Andrew specifically sought to place roots in Dallas, so too had Universal Mind. With headquarters in Denver, an office in Grand Rapids (and one on the way in Charlotte), the query remains: “Why Dallas?”.

Taking this well beyond the canned corporate-speak answers (density of Fortune 1000s, ability to attract top-flight talent, great quality of life, yada yada yada, and so on and so forth…), Sevin explored this subject, and his work was recently published in Dallas Innovates.

In his article, Sevin looks deeper than the digital thought leadership in Dallas and how this might align with our own digital expertise. Instead, he takes us on a much deeper journey… one of alignment between our company, who we are — our Declarations of Vision at the very core — and a geography. He provides a gut-check on our belief that the “intentional geographic expansion” of our firm can be done with high ideals and expectations of becoming part of something special; being part of the fabric of a community.

So, while it’s nice to live in a place with no personal income tax, or a place that was ranked Money Magazine’s “Top Place to Live in the US” (McKinney, TX), or near the future headquarters of Toyota (all true statements), that doesn’t quite get it. That’s not the why.

Here’s the why, according to Sevin.