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BLOG:Agile for the Enterprise at Interop

Agile for the Enterprise at Interop

At this year’s Interop Las Vegas event, Universal Mind presented a half-day workshop for IT executives on Agile for the Enterprise. At a time when 94% of problems in business are systems driven and where a bad system will beat a good person every time, the goal of the workshop was to focus on fixing the system driven issues, by way of agile. This workshop session allowed these key decision makers to understand the differences between traditional development methodologies and agile methodologies. We covered core agile concepts, barriers to agile adoption, how agile scales for the enterprise, and tooling to support agile initiatives.

In addition to discussing agile concepts within a development team, we covered how to shift an organization to a holistic agile approach, identifying key risks many organizations adopt when attempting to migrate from a waterfall approach to an agile approach. We talked about the role the Scaled Agile Framework plays in helping organizations align the business, funding, and development teams around a unified approach. We talked about specific examples of how these different areas of an organization can align under how they deliver value to their customers.

During this session, attendees asked many questions on how these principles could be applied to their organization. In addition, all attendees participated in a workshop exercise to demonstrate agile estimation techniques.