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BLOG:A Day in the Booth: UM inspires at the Digital Summit Denver

A Day in the Booth: UM inspires at the Digital Summit Denver

It was early Thursday morning on June 16th when I arrived to the Ellie Caulkins Theater in the Denver Performing Arts Center. This gorgeous venue was hosting the Digital Summit Denver. As I entered the theater under the magnificent Chihuly chandelier, I was amazed at the already-buzzing attendees walking amongst the booths, inspired and bright-eyed, eager to learn more.

Which was perfect, as I was ready to share.

The sold out event welcomed more than 1,533 attendees, and, working our Universal Mind booth, I felt I got to meet a fare share of them as they stopped by to learn more about UM, what we do and the types of solutions we create.

In between the 40 sessions spread throughout the two-day event that focused on disruptive tech, analytics, digital engagement strategies and more, I had the honor of sharing word of what UM has accomplished with clients and as an organization. I was also eager to learn more about the real-world problems so many face in the workplace that prevents them from accomplishing their goals. Time and time again, I heard, “If only we could have visibility into all this information…” or “If we managed our internal data systems more easily, we could do…”.

I told people how we could help; that UM specializes in providing customized, digital solutions that transform organizations. And, that through implementation of Agile methodologies and more, we’re aiding in the transformation of organizations directly, on a holistic and comprehensive level as well.

Whether it was talking with folks in the IT or hospitality sector, education or medical fields, each approached our booth with a question as to how our services can aid in reaching and fulfilling their organizational goals.

Wrangling data, working across multiple vendors and platforms, creating user friendly experiences to aid in the customer experience were all topics that presented themselves time and time again. I was also able to provide a host of examples wherein our customers actively sought out solutions for their customers, such as our work with FedEx SenseAware®…many great conversations were had, some a few minutes long, others lasting nearly an hour.

Other conversations were around the presentation given by Lori Kirkland, our VP of Experience Transformation, who addressed a crowd of well over 300 on “A Mindful Experience: Using Neuroscience to Improve CX” at 11 am that morning.

People from all industries stopped by the booth after hearing her speak, wanting to know how they could incorporate the findings shared by Lori into their everyday work experiences. Not only did folks stop by who saw her talk that morning, but people who’d seen her at the recent Women In Technology event came by to chat with her. Those conversations were particularly inspiring: knowing that UM is making that much of an impact in the digital landscape is one of the best parts of a day in the booth.

But, to me, my favorite part of spending a day in the booth is meeting and talking with people, learning about them, their vision, goals and challenges. Why? Because it’s always so enjoyable to witness the sparkle of hope that dances across the faces of those who are experiencing challenges when you tell them, “Hey, we can help you solve those complicated business problems. We can help make your life, your colleagues lives and your customers lives a little bit better, easier and more enjoyable.” The emotional contagion is in full effect as their reactions inspire me, only furthering my commitment and enjoyment of connecting with people in the field.

I can’t wait to meet folks at our next stop - we’ll be at the Digital Summit Minneapolis on July 25 - 26. If you’re in MN, make sure to stop by our booth!