Announcing a First-of-its-kind “Hands On” Emerging Tech Series

Universal Mind is excited to launch an emerging tech series Meetup at our Grand Rapids office, the Hands-on Emerging Tech Series. Each event focuses on creating a space where attendees can personally experience a new, emerging technology, and can experience it hands-on. This includes virtual reality, augmented reality, connected devices, autonomous cars, and other emerging technologies. […]

Celebrating Information Architecture

Since we are already involved with World IA day in Dallas this Saturday, we thought, “Hey let’s take over Denver too!” World Information Architecture Day (World IA Day) is taking place on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 in Denver, CO and Universal Mind will be there. World Information Architecture Day is an annual celebration of the […]

3 Steps to Being More Culturally Responsive
(and why it matters to your organization)

In a world where consumers expect on-demand, custom, seamless experiences, having your finger on the pulse of both the internal and external culture is core to providing this experience. Being culturally responsive means your organization can identify, leverage, and respond to internal and external cultural influences, to maximize value. When you’re culturally responsive, your external […]

Empathy: The What, The Why, The How

2017 has begun and with it, its list of New Year resolutions to be healthier, to be more productive – to be a better you. I’ll admit my list includes ‘writing more,’ and already with only one and a half sentences in, I’m struggling with this New Year’s resolution stuff. I’m sure from past or present […]

Introducing the Digital Continuum

Being a mature digital organization is difficult for anyone, but it becomes increasingly difficult for today’s organizations that weren’t born into the digital world. Digital becomes even more difficult for enterprise organizations, as they have to deal with decades of legacy systems in addition to technical and experience debt. So what is the first step […]

Beyond Agile: Adopting a Lean-Agile Mindset

Agile methodologies have revolutionized software development in the last two decades, and since 2010 they have become the standard approach for the creation of digital solutions. The benefits of Agile development practices are by now well acknowledged: 18-20% improved time to market 14-95% improved productivity 7-29% reduction in costs 20-40% increase in employee satisfaction ¹ At […]

Elementary Empathy

What happens when you walk into a classroom of fifth graders and ask them, with no constraints, to come up with some ideas for an unused room in their school? Mass chaos, that’s what. Recently I did just this, the ideas the students shouted out included laser tag, dance floor, dog park, swimming pool, free […]