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Design? Check. Strategy? Check. Bulletproof code? Check! People who can manage it in an agile and efficient manner? Check. Someone to help you create your next big product? Of course.


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Grand Rapids

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About Us

People solving problems for people.

Problem Solvers

We are inventors. We are connectors. Technologists, designers, and strategists, all working together to create digital experiences that matter.

We could talk about each of our disciplines. We could even talk about accolades and awards -- clients at the top of their industry or side projects that became big deals -- but that doesn’t tell our story. Our story starts with what’s in our very DNA - we are driven to solve problems.

Great Experiences Have The Ability To Change How We See Our World
Evan Ames
User Experience Designer

Digital Accelerator

The Digital Accelerator Program helps get your digital initiatives out the door faster without sacrificing quality. We know this is key to survival and growth. But we don't just fish for you. We'll teach you how to fish along the way. We'll help you learn fast, produce fast, and grow fast. This program is the quickest path to digital value delivery.

Product Vision

First we’ll validate and enhance your product vision, making sure we’re delivering what your customers really want. Then we’ll build a sustainable product strategy around that vision.

Partnered Teams

We help your team learn by doing. We’re here to be your partner, trainer, builder, and adapter. Embracing an agile environment, we’re able to stay light on our feet while delivering and sustaining the desired future state.

Product Delivered

We’ll never release a product and hope for the best. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our program ensures you’re delivering the right product for your users.

Customer Loyalty

We incorporate human-centered design practices into the entire product lifecycle. This allows us to create a frictionless experience for YOUR customer based on YOUR goals, which equates to a happy customer. And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

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More than just art. We design interactions, applications, systems, and spaces.


Creating disruptive digital solutions and sustainable business value with Internet of Things.


Experiences for web, mobile, and IoT built for the cloud by developers who understand the complexities of the enterprise.


Mentoring, training, and augmenting teams to enable agility in our customers.


A refreshing alternative to traditional staffing companies. You’ll get the right resources with the right skills, and they’ll fit your culture.
We love our people

Our Team

Developers who are design thinkers, designers that prototype, strategists who think in physical and digital, and a delivery team that pulls us all together.

Meet some of the most talented people on the planet.

executive team
Driving forward the vision of Universal Mind as well as the vision of our clients
client services
Uncovering new opportunities as well as helping to support long-term initiatives of our clients
The team that breathes life into the solutions. (And they just happen to dream in code)
Uncovering, understanding, and delivering great experiences centered around the user’s needs
Organizes and optimizes the delivery of products and team structures
The quiet heroes behind the scene that let us do what we do as seamlessly as we can