We Are
Who We Say We Are

We’re inventors and connectors. Technologists, designers, and strategists, all working together to create digital experiences that make an impact on people’s work and life, for the better.

We could talk about accolades and awards, our clients at the top of their industry, or side projects that become big deals — but that doesn’t tell our story. Our story starts with our very DNA. From Developers who are design thinkers, to Designers that prototype, to Strategists who think in physical and digital, leading to a Delivery team that pulls us all together.

Creating good work, starts with knowing your stuff. We can build the Strategy with you; consider your challenges, opportunities, resources, users and competition. We challenge boundaries, push buttons, and kill buzzwords. That means we do things that change things. For you. For your customer. For the better.

We Love Experiences

We love designing for the humans behind the experience. It’s what drives us. This has also become an increasingly complex task; building for multiple screens and devices, considering the many users and their context. This is our sweet spot.

Through user research, interaction design and vision prototyping, we get to know your customers and their needs quickly, so we’re able to create the best possible user experience.

We’re Not Just Pixel Jockeys

Our roots are in technology. If you can name it, we’ve probably built it; in fact, we might have written the book on it (seriously). If we didn’t love crafting fully cohesive experiences for our customers so much, we could’ve ended up as just another pure development shop. It’s our technology solutions (and our kick-ass team of industry experts) that bring life to the experiences we help you create.

In order for all of this to happen in an orderly, agile manner, our delivery management team ensures clear communication between your team and ours to keep everyone on the same page. After all, you’re not just a client, you’re family — a highly-gifted, eccentric family with its share of idiosyncrasies.

So when you work with a team at Universal Mind, you get the sum of our parts.

Meet some of the most talented people on the planet.

We Are Universal Mind

  • We are creators

    of digital connections that redefine futures.

  • We stand for profound partnerships

    that empower outstanding performance in all endeavors.

  • We are committed to

    understanding, envisioning and creating impactful solutions; finding, supporting and growing the best talent; continually crafting our future.

  • You can count on us to deliver on our commitments

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

So why the name Universal Mind? Was it a fancy play on words? One company with a singular focus? Some sort of nerdy mind meld reference? More on that in a minute…

Universal Mind was started out of loyalty and necessity. Our founder, Brett Cortese, worked for a technology consulting firm that had secured a large contract with a client he was assigned to. While working onsite with the client, Brett learned his employer was broke and that the firm had closed. Unwilling to let down the client, Brett stayed on to finish the work that his now-defunct employer had started. This led to more work, which led to Universal Mind.

Empathy leads to opportunity. A job well done is, well, a job well done. And excellence in everything we do will get us far. That’s what we always have and always will believe. We don’t give up. Some might call it pride, we call it dedication to finishing with the best result humanly possible. That’s Universal Mind.

Oh, and about that name? Really, Brett just loved the Doors.